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These so-called sanctuaries are counties in a handful of states where sheriffs and other local officials have rejected their duty to uphold gun safety measures passed by state legislatures — primary examples being universal background checks and red flag laws that allow officials to confiscate guns from people who are legally declared to be a threat to themselves or others. Five Nevada counties — Humboldt, Douglas, Elko, Nye and Lyon — passed sanctuary resolutions this year after state lawmakers approved universal background checks and a red flag law.

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Residents of those counties largely cheered the resolutions — the people of Humboldt County even mounted a recall petition when Sheriff Mike Allen bucked the system and announced his department would enforce the red flag law. The laws have undergone numerous challenges, all of which ended with the measures being upheld.

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Tirschwell, while participating this past week in a conference call on sanctuary counties, said the movement also was patently undemocratic because it circumvented the will of voters. Nevada is among 24 states whose elected representatives passed gun-safety legislation in recent years. Quite true. So far, the sanctuary movement has been almost all talk and no action, with officials merely passing vague resolutions and threatening not to uphold the laws.

But it could already be putting people at risk.

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The people who have sworn to protect and serve the public are instead leaving them in extreme danger. Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford put it well recently in saying: "Laws are pd to be constitutional, and law enforcement agencies are by definition charged with executing and enforcing the laws of our state.

We have a sworn duty to do so until a court instructs us otherwise.

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If an agency fails to enforce these laws and that in harm or death, that agency and its agents may be subject to civil liability. Rather, they should go to court, work to elect lawmakers who reflect their views and lobby current leadership to overturn the laws. Sunday, Dec. View more of the Sun's opinion section Editorials - the Sun's viewpoint Columnists - local and syndicated writers Letters to the editor - readers' views Write a letter to the editor.

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Dangerous consequences possible for Second Amendment sanctuaries