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Not only could you have never received any monetary prizes for your athletic achievements, but you would be barred in theory, at least for working as a sports teacher or if you had ever performed against professional athletes, even if you yourself were not paid for the event.

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The most famous example of this rule being enforced is Olympic legend Jim Thorpe, who had his medals from the Olympic Games revoked in because it was discovered that he had played some semi-professional baseball during the summer while in college a fairly common practice for college athletes, although unlike Thorpe, most thought to use pseudonyms. When these rules were devised for the Olympics, it was the tradition of the Ancient Greek Olympics that were cited. No philosophy, no religion, preaches loftier sentiments. Did the amateur code come from the Ancient Greek Games?

Or were its origins slightly less noble in nature?

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Therefore, the term is a bit difficult to apply to sports because pretty much every notable athlete out there does, indeed, compete because of a love for the sport. If there were no such thing as a professional basketball league, guys like Bryant and other NBA stars would simply play basketball as amateurs.

We already saw it happen in the United States before professional leagues began - people just played in amateur leagues. However, that is not the definition people like Avery Brundage were going by when they established strict rules about monetary rewards for athletes.

They were referring to the notion that getting paid for your sport means that you are not an amateur. And here, there is no support in Olympic history.

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Olympic athletes during the Ancient Olympic Games were well compensated for their efforts. In B. By B. In fact, professionalism in the Olympic Games were so widespread that they even drew criticism back then from observers who noted that the financial rewards of the Games were causing young Greek men to shirk their other studies to concentrate on athletics, resulting in these men becoming worse soldiers and scholars. So no, the idea of extolling the virtues of athletes who are not compensated for their performances was not an Ancient Greek idea. As who in the world could afford to pursue such unpaid athletic endeavors?

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Why, the wealthy of course. Eventually, these standards were relaxed and we reached the point today where we can watch the actual best athletes in the world compete against each other in most Olympic events, whatever their backgrounds may be. When you watch these athletes compete, whether they make millions from endorsements or get by working odd jobs during the year like Olympic snowboard teammates Shaun White and Tyler Jewell, respectivelyrest assured that they are all competing for the love of sport, and the noble aspirations Brundage talked about in the past are being met today.

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Thanks to John A. Be sure to check out my website, Sports Urban Legends Revealedfor more sports urban legends. Feel free heck, I implore you! My e-mail address is bcronin legendsrevealed. Has an NBA team ever drafted a female player? High School Sports. Tokyo Summer Olympics. Japan wins its first gold of the Games in judo on hallowed ground. Column: U. All Sections. About Us. B2B Publishing. Business Visionaries. Hot Property. Times Events.

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Tokyo Summer Olympics Japan wins its first gold of the Games in judo on hallowed ground. Tokyo Summer Olympics Column: U. Tokyo Summer Olympics U.

Amatuer women Greece ca

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Were the Ancient Greek Olympic athletes really amateurs?