Are neurosurgeons smart

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Neuroscience Blog. Grace Kimbaris, MD, neurologist at Penn Medicine remembers a patient she had who was complaining of pain and numbness in his legs. The symptoms could have been due to a of causes, like lumbar stenosis or a slipped disk.

Kimbaris discussed the case with Zarina Ali, MDa neurosurgeon with whom she works closely at Penn. After examining the patient and reviewing the MRI findings, Dr. Ali recognized that the symptoms were not typical for lumbar stenosis or a herniated disk.

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She and Dr. Kimbaris continued to investigate the cause of the symptoms. Ultimately, the patient turned out to have peripheral neuropathy. Once this was diagnosed, the surgery was deferred. He underwent further testing for neuropathy, and was treated for that instead of lumbar stenosis.

Because of the t care that he received by both a neurologist and a neurosurgeon, the patient was able to have a clear diagnosis and management plan.

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On the other hand, both physicians recall countless times where surgery was necessary, and highly beneficial. By working together, we can decide if surgery is the right treatmentor if the symptoms are actually due to an alternative diagnosis that can be treated more conservatively.

If you go to Penn Medicine for a neurological problem, will your neurologist consult with a neurosurgeon? He or she might. But it depends on your case. Ali says. Even if surgery is not in the stars for you, your neurologist still might consult with a neurosurgeon for an opinion. Your physician might recommend surgery right away, or you might get a more conservative treatment plan like physical therapy, with surgery as an option down the road. Kimbaris and Dr. Ali may collaborate on Are neurosurgeons smart treatment: They need to decide if your neurological problems are likely to be alleviated by surgery.

At Penn, the neurologists and neurosurgeons work in the same building, which is also beneficial for patients. Kimbaris says. Collaboration between the neurologist and neurosurgeon provides the same benefit. About this Blog. Date Archives Year Share This : Post Tweet. Find a Program or Service.

Are neurosurgeons smart

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