Aries man keeps coming back

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Ending a relationship with someone you still have feelings for is difficult.

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And, if your relationship feels more like a revolving door where he keeps coming back and then leaving again, you have to wonder what his reasons are. Why would a seemingly perfect boyfriend, or any guy for that matter, suddenly decide to break off the relationship and then decide to come back for more just a few months later? If it doesn't, you may be stuck wondering what makes one breakup real and another Maybe he keeps texting you during the week, or perhaps he calls you when he needs to make a decision about something big.

So what if this is just a phase that he's going through, and once it's over, you'll be back together for good, rock solid, like you'd hope you'd be? But even if you were expecting it, when he says he changed his mind, it can be confusing. How do you know if he really is clear on what he wants npw, especially when he says that he what he wants is you. And coming back to you once is one thing, but when a guy keeps coming back after breaking up with you again and again, it can be even more confusing to deal with.

Fortunately, understanding more about the traits and characteristics of a guy's zodiac can help you to figure the puzzle out. By learning more about his zodiacyou'll be able to focus in on some of the Aries man keeps coming back likely reasons why he keeps coming back to you.

This will help you make a wise decision about whether you should take him back or refuse to be tempted by him again and simply move on. Aries is a firewhich means that he is one of the most passionate zodiac s there is.

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So needless to say, his fiery side can be pretty intoxicating — you know, the side he only shows off completely in the bedroom. But as for why he keeps coming back to you? However you do it, you lure him in hard. Taurus is one of those zodiac s that needs constant grounding and support to make a relationship last for a very long time. And trust me when I say that Taurus is very discerning. You make him feel like he can talk to you about anything and that makes him feel special. You are a surprise and a thrill, and being with you makes him excited and happy all the time. You also never judge, which is something he might not admit he needs, but definitely does.

Cancer always comes back because you make him want to take risks in love. Aries man keeps coming back he keeps coming back to you, it's because you make him want to get out of his comfort zone and see the scary parts of love as exciting and worth it all. What makes you so special to Cancer is that you feel like his soulmate. These tiny dips in the deep end are like practice to him. Leo loves a thrill. He also comes back because you make him feel good about himself. Just having that validation from someone who cares goes a long way. Virgo has a tendency to let life and the world overwhelm him.

Virgo is very particular about the people he dates. You know how to protect him from the world when things get stressful, and he appreciates knowing he can count on you in this way. When Libra dates, he does it deliberately and with intention. Opening up and being vulnerable with someone new is a nightmare to Scorpio.

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When he choose friends, he does so carefully to make sure that no matter what, they stay loyal to him. When he chooses a partner, he tends to keep things casual until he knows for sure how he feels. Scorpio loves the fact that you are so patient with him. You feel like his safe space to him, which is more than any casual hook-up can say. Sagittarius is always looking for that one person that can be the other half of his dynamic duo. If you can keep him interested, Sagittarius will never leave.

You also help him grow and grow up.

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He knows that relationships take time and with you around, he feels more comfortable learning from his mistakes and not running away every time the thought of being in a serious relationship enters his mind. Relationships are like investments to Capricorn.

His main goal in life is to succeed at everything he does, including his relationships, which is why he likes the fact that you want to make things last a long time with him. And if he keeps coming back to you, it definitely means something. All he really cares about is finding someone he can call his best friend and his other half. He has probably said this in some form or fashion, but Aquarius is very attracted to your intelligence; he loves having deep conversations with you. Having that freedom to be someone outside of a relationship is huge for him.

Like other zodiac s, you and Pisces have probably known each other for a long time and are even possibly friends.

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Aries man keeps coming back

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How to Get an Aries Man Back and Keep Him Hooked?