Best vaginal sex positions

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Ideally, sex should be pleasurable for both partners: satisfying, fun and intimacy-building. Finding out what feels good for each person just takes a little open communication, exploring, and willingness to try new things.

Kat Van Kirkrelationship and sex expert, tells Bustle. Emotionally, sex can help you learn to open up and become vulnerable with your partner by being willing to try new things and discuss sensitive topics related to your sexuality. Here are 11 of the best ones that maximize satisfaction for both partners. How to do it: While on all fours, have your partner, while on their knees, enter you from behind, either with their penis or a sex toy.

If you have weak wrists, you can drop down to your elbows and forearms to support you.

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Also, the more you arch your back in this position, the deeper the penetration. Why it maximizes pleasure for both partners: People with penises love it, because they can penetrate very deeply in this position. Jess podcast.

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How to do it: While your partner lies on their back, straddle and then ride them, grinding your bodies against each other. For people with penises, this sex position is pleasurable because they know the chances of their partner climaxing are pretty good, while they get to just lie there and enjoy themselves.

How to do it: Get into doggy style position, then add a vibrator to stimulate the clitoris. Why it maximizes pleasure for both partners: Not only does the person in front get their clitoris and G-spot stimulated at the same time, making this one of the best sex positions for having the elusive blended orgasmbut their partner also gets to enjoy the vibrations as they trickle on down to them, while experiencing the awesome sensation of deep vaginal penetration.

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Consider a wearable toy e. Why it maximizes pleasure for both partners: If both partners enjoy giving and receiving oral, 69 can be an amazing experience because you're both being pleasured simultaneously.

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Why it maximizes pleasure for both partners: Similar to traditional cowgirl, reverse cowgirl is one of the best sex positions for clitoral orgasm. As for the companion with the penis or strap-onthey get to lie there, thrust, and focus on the sensation of being stimulated vigorously or slow and easy by their partner. This particular tightness is actually why this position is great for people with smaller penises.

How to do it: Have your partner lie on their back with one of their knees bent, and then straddle the bent knee. Then, lower yourself onto their penis or strap-on while facing away from them. If your partner has a vulva, you can also use this position to grind against it, achieving clitoral stimulation for both of you. Secondly, it allows for rear entry into the vagina, penetrating deeper and creating more sensation for both of you. How to do it: Start on the sofa with your partner. Then, get on your knees and bend yourself over the back or side arm of the sofa.

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Next, have your partner, while also on their knees, penetrate you as they would in doggy style. This position is Best vaginal sex positions doggy style, except on the couch, making it more comfortable. How to do it: For this one, you can start either by lying down on your stomach, as your partner climbs on top and penetrates you from behind, or in traditional doggy style and lower yourselves down together. Why it maximizes pleasure for both partners: Again, rear vaginal penetration is always a winner for both partners.

And, similar to the sofa brace, you have the comfort of the bed against you, as opposed to putting pressure and weight on your wrists and knees, as well as on the knees of your partner. Because your bodies are on top of each other, either you or your partner has easy access to stimulating your clitorisin addition to the phenomenal penetration. How to do it: Lie face down on the bed with your legs together while your partner lies on top of you and enters from behind. How to do it: Sit on top of a table and part your legs. Have your partner stand between them and penetrate you while you wrap your legs around their body.

Why it maximizes pleasure for both partners: Just like sofa brace, this position brings the thrill factor of sex outside the bedroom, which both partners can enjoy. Ultimately, the best sex positions that maximize pleasure for both partners will be different for everyone, because we all have different preferences. But these 11 are a great place to start exploring what feels best for both of you. Kat Van Kirkrelationship and sex expert.

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Best vaginal sex positions

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The Best Sexual Positions for Satisfying Sex