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Celebs who had abortion Celebs. World's Biggest Pets Weird. Most hottest men in the world Fashion. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest scoop right to your inbox. Tattoo removal disasters Misc. By: James Fraser. Earth is round and so is the sun. The best things in the universe are round, and a girl's booty is one of them! Dear all ass-men in the world, this celebrity butts topic is exclusively for you.

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We hope boob guys like this topic too. Just in case, if you happened to be that man who is not into butts, here are some "sextraordinary" celebrity breasts for you! But, never, never, miss checking the following collection of pictures of 12 Hollywood celebrities with big, round, and sexy buttocks! Doors locked? Tissue paper? Okay, here we go!

You never thought you were going to see Shakira on this list, did you?! There she is; all set to blow your mind with her rounder-than-earth caboose! Oh boy, that's some hot ass meat hiding under that blue bottom. The year-old Colombian pop star is not as active as she once used to be. Let's hope the Ruskies don't snub her. Kylie Jenner - ah, Big booty list blooming shiitake mushroom of the famous Kardashian clan! Just look at her gigantic ass! Kylie's derriere looks as if Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Sex, pumped some hot air into it and then locked the whole thing up with a butt plug!

Her buttocks look disproportionately big, aren't they?

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Anyway, bruh, we aren't here to research and find out whether her booty is fake or real! Our only motive is to show you some fire ass! You will not see another Kardashian or Jenner on this topic, though - we promise! Does her booty really need Friday Night Lights to shimmer?! We don't think so! Holy moly, Minka Kelly has some squishy cushies on her ass bone, and boy, isn't she blessed with a nice, fit, and first-rate bubble butt?! Big booty list doesn't have a colossal booty, but, then again, her tush is just about the right size for anyone who loves to take a ride to Downtown! Let's scroll down to check another Hollywood celeb with great ass, but before doing that, let's hail Minka Kelly's charming rear for one last time!

Beautiful domes she got there on her fudge factory! Jessica Biel's ass looks grand in all these images, but we don't often hear people talking about her hindquarters. Jesse's rear is clearly underrated, and there is a reason for that. Take a look at the second picture and notice how wide Jessica Biel's shoulders are. Her wide shoulders often make her derriere look small.

Her butt looks absolutely magical in the third picture! Ah, look at those curves! Isn't the "7th Heaven" star looking curvier than an hourglass?! Jennifer Lopez is perhaps the oldest woman to be featured on this topic, but when it comes to Big booty list about sexy butts, she beats many young ladies mentioned on this subject with her gorgeous rump! The second picture that shows Jennifer Lopez in a black dress was taken very recently. The photo is more than a good that indicates us that the J Lo's booty never gets old!

The "Maid in Manhattan" actress has the best ass in Hollywood, inarguably! She may not be as famous as some other hot Hollywood celebs featured on this topic, but boy, can anyone ignore her after seeing those small but cushiony butt cheeks? She may not have massive rear, but Emily has worked really well to keep her bum fit and round. When she first came on the scene a few years ago, she looked skinny and didn't have a squishy butt. As the big booties have become moneymakers for Hollywood women lately, Emily Ratajkowski has worked her way to gaining some meat on her bumper!

Excellent job there, young lady! She is the second Colombian actress to secure a place on this topic, followed by Shakira. Apparently, the "Hot Pursuit" actress has a rear that is too gorgeous to not to talk about it.

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The Latino beauty is one of those Hollywood stars Big booty list are exclusively known for their hot butts! She also had a wardrobe malfunction due to her big booty. She has that perfect derriere that every girl likes to have and every guy loves to grab! She has been a successful model since the mid s, but her X-rated wardrobe malfunction at the AMAs helped her to gain global attention! As you may know, she accidentally flaunted her lady bits to photographers, as she didn't bother to cover up her privates with an undergarment!

Naya Rivera needs no special introduction unless you haven't watched her playing the "Santana Lopez" role in the American musical comedy television series, "Glee. These bootylicious pictures of Naya Rivera and her eye-popping butt just prove how and why her name made it to this list. OKAY - it's the time to take your eyes off her butt and scroll down for a newer dose of fire booty!

Finally, we have a pop star representing the singing community on this "bootyful" topic! Many of the top singers like Katy Perry, Rihanna, etc. Beyonce Big Butt Knowles!


She does have a beautiful and big ass. And let's not forget those thunderous thighs! What do you think of these photos? Yay or nay? Anyway, we aren't new to seeing her grand bumpers, as she keeps flaunting them during her live performances. You may argue that Jen isn't a Hollywood celeb yet, but let us politely remind you that this fitness icon has appeared in a couple of reality TV shows, so that is sufficient for us to feature her on this topic.

Ignoring Jen Selter on a subject that discusses sexy butts is just like not finding the United States name in the list of top ten influential nations! Jen Selter has over 11 million followers on her Instagram, and all of them followed her one prime reason - Big booty list has a gorgeous booty that no straight man can ignore! These sexy pictures of Jen Selter speak for themselves! Stacy was long known for her sexy booty in the WWE circle until her retirement in WWE Divas have great bodies in general, but most of them look too masculine to a man's liking.

Stacy Keibler is different, though. Just look at these photos to see how gorgeous she is, Stacy Keibler has some very nice nude images floating around the internet! No wonder a man as famous as George Clooney fell for this woman and spent two years with her! Share on facebook.

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Big booty list

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