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My curiosity of dicks began as a young teen and turned into an interest, then a desire, and is now a necessity.

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I am a good looking blonde man with no trouble of getting women's attention. My desire has only been in men and I've never been interested or been with a woman. From the first time I answered the curiosity about men's dick and put my lips around one, I knew that I was meant and destined to suck cock. I extremely loved having dick in my mouth and appropriately, my first was very big. In fact, the first cock I got to suck was a trophy and led me right where I belonged. I went crazy with lust as I devoured that tasty dick. I was 18 then, and started my quest to find more cock to blow. I lived in Michigan and managed to suck 5 or 6 dicks before I left home and moved to Florida.

Down here, I immediately searched and went to the adult book stores. To my joy, I discovered the peep shows down here had gloryholes. My discovery of the holes was the greatest gift I could ever get. I found work and proceeded to spend as much time possible at the peep shows to get cock in my mouth. Being an attractive young blonde, men were very willing to offer dick for my mouth. I gave head to 3 or 4 guys before I was treated to my first black dick. I always wondered about black men and often saw very tempting black cock in public toilets.

It was a classic, big, well used with lots of graffiti and it brought many wonderful days of hot sucking and being sucked. Nowadays, these are just fond memories that still bring Cum eating men stories hard-on, thinking of them. Anyway, we don't have anymore glory-holes in our small central California town, but I had a hot time last week at this park on the outskirts of town. I went to several bars and managed to get myself fairly liquored up.

Finally I engaged a taxi and told the driver to find me a man for the night. This just happened to be my first experience of this sort, but, of course, not my last. He took me to what seemed to be a store on a corner and knocked. A man answered-they Cum eating men stories for a few moments, then invited me in.

This happened to me when I was just I was living in Kansas City at the time. I used to have a little red Honda Express moped and would spend hours cruising up and down Main and Troost just for the hell of it. Later at night the whores would be out working the street. Every so often cops would bust their skanky asses. Further downtown the rent boys would be working the corners.

It had been a close game right down to the buzzer. A game that had kept the capacity crowd in the college gym on their feet. But at the end of the four quarters, which had been just as tiring on the crowd as well as the players, the home team had come away with it.

Chris had managed to slip out quickly.

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Most the team had partying on their mind. I didn't know it then, but this was one of Georges' favorite 'pick-up' places. I've been gay for a while, I've known that. But now, one individual held my attention constantly. He had moved here a few years ago, and he had quite a history.

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Born in Mexico, had lived in nine different exotic areas, including Hawaii, Cancun, and Spain. He also spoke English, essentially flawless, but with a mild accent that makes my cock jump. Oh, he's a Latino.

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I was in a peep booth of a store and it was unusually bright. Unlike most booths, this one was lit like a normal room. I was the only one in the booths as I waited for a prospect to wander in. I looked through the hole and saw a black mans' hand.

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I instantly got excited and as soon as he dropped tokens, I gestured my finger in the hole. He noticed my invite and rubbed his crotch once. I repeated my finger motion and he rubbed his crotch again with more deliberation. I was so anxious I began to feel a little frustrated but I aled again.

He began to unbuckle and unzip. I was getting very excited then. I gestured again, and he pointed his crotch towards the hole and rubbed his underwear. This guy was either Cum eating men stories or teasing me.

I persisted my invitation and he finally made the move. He stepped to the hole and pulled his tool out and I slowly began to see the first black dick I would get to taste. He slid his limp dick through and I helped pull as it was being offered.

After he finally got the whole cock in the hole, I looked to size up the ebony pole. His dick was limp and not as big as I'd hoped, but larger than most I'd sampled. I put the soft cock in my mouth and sucked his flesh through my lips. I gave my best efforts and his dick began to grow and harden right away. Before I knew it, he was so big that I could only get a third in my eager mouth.

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His cock grew to a hefty 8 solid inches and I was delirious. What I thought was going to be an average cock had turned into exactly what I was hoping for. I sucked his wonderful dick with deep passion. My thoughts were to do everything I could to please him and make him feel how grateful he had made me.

I lavished his big dick like I was madly in love with it, which I was.

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After sucking 8 or 9 white cocks, I knew I had found my life purpose. I was a good looking 18 year old white boy learning the joy of black cock. I sucked as much of his long shaft into my mouth as I could get. I wanted every delicious millimeter of his wonderful dick in my cock sucking mouth. I was giving my all to please that generous stud. He had treated me to my best hardon yet and I wanted him to know that I wanted it with all my heart.

As I was worshiping my lovely cock, he surprised me and pulled away. He bent down and asked if he could come to my booth. I said yes faster than a speeding bullet. I unlocked my door and sat back down. He promptly came in and I went right after his belt. He helped me retrieve his dick and I quickly d my loyal service of his Cum eating men stories delight. He watched his young servant slurp in the well lit sucking booth. He made comments about how young and cute I was. He said I am even cuter with his long hard cock in my hungry mouth.

I moaned as I agreed with him.

Cum eating men stories

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