Dating a guy whos been to prison

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Open new ticket Watched. We've completed a tech update with changes to Thread Prefixes, Copy and Paste support, the way posters can Insert Tables, and more! Forums Discussion EtcetEra Forum. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Would you date someone who had been in prison? Yes Votes: 88 No Votes: 88 Depends on the crime and their current standing Votes: Total voters BAD Member.

Oct 25, 8, USA. Or would you always have trust issues with a former criminal? NekoNeko Coward. Oct 26, 11, Seesaw15 Member.

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Oct 27, 7, Who would pick any other answer than depends. Mediking Member. Oct 25, 16, St. Louis City, Missouri aka Persona 3's Dorm. Deleted member User requested closure Banned. Oct 27, 4, Need to know what she did. Oct 27, 5, What's her personality and looks? WriterInTheDark Member. Dec 2, 12, Depend on the crime they were imprisoned for. Mediking said:. Click to expand Dec 3, What kind of question is this even? Spoiler The answer is: a hugely reductive one.

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DJGolfClap Avenger. Apr 28, Vancouver. Are we all just inmates on this prison called Earth? Spoiler maybe. Panther Member. Oct 27, 2, Like most people are saying. Depends on the crime. Templeusox Member. Oct 25, 2, Absolutely not. I'm married. Oct 26, 5, Definitely a maybe OP. The Grizz Member. Oct 27, 1, Briarios Banned. Oct 25, 1, The real question is whether someone who had been in prison would date me. Probably not So, the question is moot in my case :P But, yeah, it really depends on many circumstances, but it's not an actual disqualifier like, you know, being a Trump supporter.

Oct 25, 5, Shadybiz Member. Keym The Fallen. Oct 26, 7, Only if they were arrested for being too sexy.

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Oct 25, 8, DirtyLarry Member. My Uncle was in prison for most of my life for 2nd degree murder. After he served his 30 or so years 34 I believe to be exacthe moved in with my mother and father after the halfway home as no one else would take him in from the family. My father wanted to try and give his brother a second chance at life. To say he was not a normal person is an understatement. He could not adapt to the real world. He stole. He lied. He did everything you would expect a person who was in prison for 30 years to do. Including kept up his heroin addiction which he apparently had no issue feeding in prison.

Yet when he got out he struggled with getting shit ironic enough. He struggled so much in the real world he was back in prison within a year. He wound up dying in the halfway house he was stuck in. They suspect foul play but no one ever looked into it since that would have cost money.

That was 2 years ago or so. I felt bad for my Uncle. He was family. But he killed someone in a pretty horrible way.

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I was and always will be of the mindset you give people a second chance in life, but the huge problem is prison is not meant to reform people. Never has been. That is why I am happy to see these new laws being passed.

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Hopefully they make things a bit more humane and give the people who may be there who just made an honest mistake a fighting chance when they get out. However from my own experience, once a person has been tainted by prison it is something they will never be able to shake. Especially if they spent any sort of substantial time there. Mona Member. Oct 30, 24, Kotto Member. Nov 3, 3, I messed around with a felon once. She unknowingly shipped drugs across the Cali-Oregon border. Ex-BF tried to frame her for everything since she was the driver and carried a pocket knife for protection.

She ended up only doing 6 months while he is still in there for another 8 years. Probably the sanest woman I ever dated. Brother is an activist for California prison reform too. He also served time for manslaughter, I believe.

My cousin is in right now doing 60 for murder. Shot and killed a 9 year old girl at a wedding rehearsal doing a driveby trying to avenge his boys wronged by some dude who snitched on them. He is currently dating one of the women working at the prison. Falchion Member. Oct 25, 31, Virginia Beach. Is bomb ass sex a crime? I could swing that. PeskyToaster Member. Oct 27, 10, I dunno. It's like how to expect people to re-integrate into society if you still shun them for the rest of their lives.

Dating a guy whos been to prison

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