Harry styles imagines hes dating another girl

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Thank you for sending me great requests btw. These really helped my writer block. Walking around my house like she owned the place? She has her ways with people. He cannot think of anyone who does not like her. For a couple seconds he completely loses his ability to think and Gemma has to smack him on the arm as a reminder to keep his shit together.

This also happened the first time they met. Although he was the one who started the conversation, trying to act all confident, inside he was scared as hell. She gives him a small smile and he does the same. His sudden enthusiasm makes her giggle. Well, speaking of his new girlfriend….

Harry flinches when he hears the familiar voice and then a hand is laid on his shoulder. And nice to meet you, Jess. Like an instinct, Harry tries to follow her but Jess immediately holds onto his wrist to keep him where he is. Harry can imagine smoke coming out from the top of her head like a cartoon character.

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But somehow she has disappeared in the crowded room. His heart sinks to the bottom of his chest. His new girl is always around.

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That girl is terrible to Harry. How can Harry be so blind and not see it? Jess treats him like a pet, not a boyfriend, like something she owes. Who does that?! So she keep an eye on him, waiting for an opportunity to get him alone so the two of them can really talk; and finally, her chance comes. Maybe it will just always be this way. Maybe he will always get excitedly nervous whenever he sees her face or hears her voice.

After all, he still can recognize the sense of her perfume on a stranger on the street. Standing here before her now, Harry finally realizes that.

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Why do you have such pretty eyes? Harry squints his beautiful green eyes at her and furrows his eyebrows. He looks surprised and confused at the same time. What do you even see in her? She just wants to show you off and flaunt her relationship to the people here. The loud voices and laughter from the party suddenly flood in when someone slides open the glass door leading to the backyard. Get back inside!

She pushes her way past Jess and returns to the party just to get her stuff and leave. Harry clenches his fist when he watches her go. His girlfriend, on the other hand, lets out a relieved laugh, her hand on her chest. Now if you excuse me. Harry cannot care less. Jess rolls her eyes and steps aside so he can walk away. Harry feels like a fool. He calls her name and lucky for him, she stops and turns around.

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His hands bring her face to his and she just goes along with it. His lips find hers again after one year apart and they try to feel as much of each other as possible. Her fingers are in his hair as he holds her warm body against his. Harry quickly shakes his head as a reply. How long have you been standing there?! Her lips gently brush against his.

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My heart hurts thinking about this oh lord. You barely know Jess! H-how are you? Tagged: harry styles harry edward styles requests answered harry styles imagine harry styles imagines harry styles one shot harry styles one shots harry styles angst harry styles fluff harry styles blurb harry styles fanfiction harry styles fanfictions.

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