How to ask a friend to start dating

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By: Mary Elizabeth Dean. Medically Reviewed By: Lauren Guilbeault. Many of the best relationships start as strong friendships. When you spend a good deal of time with a person, it is not out of the question that you would develop feelings for that person.

The problem is, most people are not very forthcoming when it comes to intimate feelings for others. Sometimes, this is because he or she is afraid of rejection. Other times, it could be due to fear that the friendship will be jeopardized if these feelings are expressed. When you want to have a relationship with someone, it is up to you to express yourself and make that happen. If you sit in fear or allow yourself to be immobilized by your emotions, you are doing yourself a disservice.

If you want to learn how to ask a friend out, but you are afraid of the implications to your friendship, here are a few things you can try to minimize the collateral damage. If you are close to this person, the best thing you can do to protect your friendship is to talk about it. You may be worried that this interaction will be awkward or uncomfortable, but change is rarely a comfortable experience. If you want to be in a relationship with this person, you must pursue him or her.

There is no other way to the finish line. Begin your conversation by explaining that you have found yourself harboring romantic feelings toward your friend. Good friends are so hard to find these days. If this person agrees to go on a date with you, there are more things you will need to do to protect the friendship. During the first date, you should both talk about what your expectations are in the relationship and what you will do if you end up not working out. If it is your goal to remain friends, should you choose to break up, make sure you talk about it. It is important in any relationship to be honest and open with one another.

Whether you are setting the foundation for a romantic or platonic relationship, the goals at this stage will stay the same.

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Another thing you should keep in mind is feelings can change over time. If you do come to this crossro, you should have the infrastructure in your relationship to discuss how to move forward.

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By this point, you should be able to continue being friends without a hitch. You can count this as a bump in the road and have an interesting story to tell from it. Best case scenario, the relationship works out. Much of a happy and healthy relationship entails a strong friendship at the core. If you already have that groundwork set, you are much more likely to have success.

Focus on this possibility when you are deciding how to ask a friend out. You deserve the best in relationships and all the happiness in life. If you want to get there, you must take the necessary steps to do so. The easiest way to ensure the demise of a relationship or friendship is to move too fast. No matter what is decided in your relationship, be sure to take things slow. When you are deciding how to ask a friend out, remember that you must take it slow. You can introduce the way you feel to them over several days or weeks. If you were to express all of your deepest emotions all at once, you might come off as overbearing, and it might be difficult for this person to maintain a friendship with you without being awkward.

Awkwardness is one of the top reasons why friendships that try to go full relationship end. Keep this in mind when you are learning how to ask a friend out for the first time.

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You want to do everything you can to make the process as easy to transition as possible. It can be tempting to jump right into all the things that couples enjoy. One of the most common things that happens too fast is sex. The excitement of being with a new partner gets the best of us, and we move at lightning speed. This is mostly due to the excitement and anticipation of reaping everything your new relationship has to offer.

If you hope to protect your friendship, though, you must resist this urge. Taking it slow also guarantees you are spending plenty of time building a solid foundation for your relationship. The foundation begins with your friendship, so you would already be off to a good start. Once you decide to be romantic partners, you will have more work to do, though.

When you choose to take everything with a slow and steady approach, you will be able to spend as much time as is needed to develop things like trust and confidence in one another. Trusting in yourself and having confidence is the best way to convert a friendship into a relationship. The quickest way to crash and burn is to seem unsure of yourself or the things that you want.

When you are learning how to ask a friend out, you want to appear as confident as possible. This will apply to many areas. You want first to make them feel secure in that you know how you feel and what you want. Many times, people jump into relationships with friends before truly considering all the implications of a relationship. If you acknowledge the way you feel and speak with confidence, you will be able to eliminate a large amount of doubt that your friend might be feeling. You will also want to exude confidence in yourself. The most attractive thing in a partner is confidence to most people.

When How to ask a friend to start dating are sure of yourself and sure of what you want, that will show to others around you. This is a universally attractive trait to have. It will be recognized and in most cases, might be your strongest quality when attracting a new partner.

The downside of this is overconfidence. If you come off as overly confident, it could turn your friend away from you. This is because cockiness or being egotistical is not a desirable trait to have. You must be sure that you are showing a good balance of confidence and care for others, as well. Your friend will want to feel loved and valued in your relationship.

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If you display an attitude that le him or her to believe that you will be more focused on yourself, you could ruin your chances and sacrifice the friendship as a result. An easy way to go about learning how to ask your friend out is to keep it casual. If you can manage to put a minimal amount of pressure on your friend, you are sure to have better. You can achieve this by mentioning in passing that you are interested in your friend.

Be straightforward in your request but be sure you ask them out in a way that is no pressure. If they do agree to go on a date with you, be straightforward with your intentions from the start. There will inevitably be times when your friend refuses your request. If you hope to maintain a friendship with them, you must respect their wishes and move on. The friendship should be enough for you if you truly want to maintain it. Asking a friend on a date can entail some tricky waters. If you are struggling with understanding your relationships and you want helpyou might consider reaching out to a professional.

Otherwise, you have all the tools you need to make it happen — all you must do is reach out and grab it. Talk About It Source: rawpixel. Take It Slow The easiest way to ensure the demise of a relationship or friendship is to move too fast. Confidence Is Key Source: rawpixel. Keep It Casual An easy way to go about learning how to ask your friend out is to keep it casual. Conclusion Source: rawpixel. Search Topics. The information on this is not intended to be a substitution for diagnosis, treatment, or informed professional advice.

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How to ask a friend to start dating

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How to Ask Out a Friend: Mistakes to Avoid