How to get a good woman

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In an earlier posting I wrote about how to find a good man. Most everything I said applies to finding a good woman, so please reference that post. However, here are a few more specific comments. Too many people either have the wrong criteria or none at all.

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We all seek that which is familiar. If a woman had a good and healthy relationship with her father, she is more likely to be interested in healthy men. If a woman—or a guy—believes they are lovable, they will have higher expectations of their partner, they will be less tolerant of mistreatment and they will more easily accept your love.

All of these traits contribute to the success of a romantic relationship. If a woman refuses to sleep with a potential partner for months, this suggests that she has reasonably good self-esteem, is not desperate and believes she is worth waiting for. Although I believe the above to be true, I do not believe the opposites rule a woman out. Plenty of women who did not have good relationships with their fathers turn themselves into great partners.

They may even use their not-so-good relationships with their fathers as motivation to be more conscious and more selective. It is not an insurmountable limitation, just one that requires more effort. Some women choose very early on to sleep with a potential partner; this does not mean they have low self-esteem.

They simply may have a different agenda, such as looking for sex, not a relationship.

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IntimacyLoveMarriage. I want to caution female readers such as myselfto read the above carefully, especially the penultimate paragraph. On the first reading, I thought I had doomed myself to being a less attractive candidate for partnerhood because of my past. There are some caveats that reveal that ones past need not destine a woman to be unpartnerable, or a less attractive partner. Absolutely, I do not mean to exclude women who had terrible d or no dad at all.

Franko— no disrespect intended, but maybe part of the reason has to do with your attitude. At the heart of the work we teach is the idea that what we see in other people is our own projection. So if you project so negatively onto women. See what happens if you open up to a new way of seeing women. Sure there are women and men who are difficult to deal with, but there are also women and men who are seeking healthy, mature relationships. I strongly encourage you to start looking for women who are healthy—maybe like your mom—and stop prejudging them, because this will only make the good ones turn away from you before you ever meet them.

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How to get a good woman

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