How to make a guy smile

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It is. But what can we do? Women are always wondering what are the things they do that make their partners secretly smile. And even when sometimes, they already know it, for some unknown reasons, they still ask. Well, this is yet another similar list with new entries because men love to smile secretly. And there are tons of reason why they do it. So, to stop your wondering, we made you a whole new list. Ladies, please realize that if this man really loves you, he got a lot more reasons to secretly smile on you. Playing with his hair is sexy, everybody knows that. But when you do it even after years of being together, sometimes it loses its sexiness.

Believe it or not, you playing with his hair often brings a smile to his face and he tries his hardest to keep it a secret. Because men are crazy like that. You still love to do the small things you used to do when you two were just dating or when you just moved in with him. These little things matter to guys more than most women realize. So girl, keep playing with his hair. At least most men.

But the thing is, they have a secret appreciation for the possessive ones. So yes, being a little possessive sometimes is totally fine. Nobody can borrow him. Yep, men are appreciative of these little things. So go unleash the possessive spirit in you. But keep in mind that you need to take control of it.

Remember, too much possessiveness is not cute anymore. Ever wonder why some men exert extra efforts in you being part of his circle of friends? Ever wonder why he invites you all the time to hang out with his friends? However, no matter how tempted you may be, please be cool. And stay cool. This will make your man smile more often and believe How to make a guy smile or not, he will appreciate you more. Random calls are often considered annoying. And yes, those random calls make men smile a little more than they used to. Men love to be noticed, you know.

Every now and then they need to be reminded that they are loved, and that they are important for someone. Because they are. But because of this thing called life that makes us all busy robots, we rarely do the small gestures that make others feel special. So yes to random calls. Ever catch yourself staring at your man for some reason? He makes these small glances that are barely noticeable and he sees you staring like you have zero problems and this world is a beautiful place to be.

This, woman, makes him feel a little extra special and he loves it. And he secretly smiles because those simple, innocent stares matter to him. This is not you being rude and all because most people say that staring too much is rude.

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This is you being sweet and loving and carefree. When was the last time your man made the bed? Or the last time he made your fave coffee? Or when he was in the area and decided to drop a box of donuts at your workplace? If done too often, most women would see these things as normal things that come with the package.

Woman, these things are not normal things that come with the package a. These are called efforts. These are called gestures and he is making these gestures because he loves you so much and he wants you to remember that.

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Text him at lunch and thank him for cleaning the house before he left. These things matter. And we do it even to our boyfriends. But worry not, as mentioned, this is human nature. This is not something you can really erase or completely eliminate in your system. We all have it. But when a woman asks his partner for advice, just random advice on a random life thing, believe it when we say it makes him secretly smile, maybe on the inside. So yes, keep asking him some advice or two.

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This is not making yourself dumb, this is reminding him that his thoughts matter too. You may not agree with him that but yes, you want to know what he thinks and how he feels about things. What is it with socks and men? How to make a guy smile yes, we just used the word important. So you, as the girlfriend, should go buy him socks. So whenever you shop for new clothes or you just decided to hit the mall, go buy your man a new pair or two. New socks. Fresh socks. Women are full of emotions. But also, we have those calm talks where we talk about random stuff that happened during our not-so random day and we talk about it because we want to share it with our partners.

We talk like sharing what happened at school to his mother, and then again when daddy comes home, and the next day again and again. For some reason, men love that voice. They love that while we can be mature, we can also be innocent and calm and, you know, just us.

The most normal version. Also, aside from the calm tone, men also love to see your awkward side every now and then. And men are easily annoyed. So just show your awkward side every now and then. Be and play with your food. Be too lazy with the laundry you end up bathing in there too.

Just be and be awkward. Believe it or not, your man will secretly smile at this, because he knows that showing your awkward side is not easy. Nobody wants to be the awkward girl in the room. And that is smile-worthy. So women send these straightforward-er come backs. Well, girl, please take note that some men are using straightforwardness as a form of joke.

And then another instance would be when you say something, especially when you think out loud and it comes out as a joke because it really is a joke. Aside from randomly buying socks, men also appreciate it very much when you buy his fave food, whatever that food may be. And believe us when we say men have really weird favorite food. Seriously weird. A lot. And he may try to hide that smile, and he may try to deny that he smiled, but he did. Which is natural in men.

So when you suddenly think of making a quick stop to buy his food, go make that stop. Would you believe it when we say men love shy women? Yes, they do. And most important of all, if this man truly loves you, he will find himself secretly smiling, because shyness is cute. Especially when it happens sometimes. That will remind him when you two were still new. Think love notes are so last year? Well guess what, silliness is welcome here. Silliness is always welcome, and it is loved.

So go feel free to leave notes whenever you want.

How to make a guy smile

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