Mexican massage for pregnancy

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It was my first fertility acupuncturist who taught me how to do a very simple daily self-fertility massage while trying to conceive based on Mayan Abdominal Massage. She told me that Mayan women were taught this after they got their periods, and practiced it throughout their child-bearing years as a way to nourish and support their womb and keep them healthy. The idea behind this massage is that you are promoting healthy blood flow to the uterus AND that you are helping your ovaries and uterus to be in the ideal location.

The truth is they can move all over. This means that for some women like meyou may one year be told you have a retroverted or tilted uterus by a doctor, but the next year its normal. Now, when I was trying for my first miracle I only did this self-massage at home.

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I did a very simple five minute practice which I will show you below. If you are trying to get pregnant STOP doing this massage after ovulation. If you ovulate around Cycle Day 14 this is only days of doing this practice. Pretty easy to add to your routine! Now, while trying for my second miracle I actually went to a Mayan Abdominal Massage practitioner. I saw her when I was on vacation and she recommended being seen regularly by a practitioner near me. I never got ed Mexican massage for pregnancy with a local practitioner because I wound up pregnant that month!!

I highly recommend her!! She also sent me home a practice guide for daily self-care. The first third of it was exactly what I had done with my son, and the rest of it was more elaborate upper abdomen massage. It looked awesome, but much more time involved. If you are interested in a more elaborate self-fertility massage you can see an Arvigo Practitioner who can teach you and give you a guide, you can watch some videos on youtube with women lighting candles and using oil, etc.

Personally, I packed in so much fertility work into my day see my fertility mind-body work practice and my list of 79 Things I did to get Happy, Healthy, and Pregnant! Also, I think this information should be free and accessible to everyone! Sit comfortably with a straight spine. On your back, find your sacrum which is the bone at the base of your spine. Make your hands into fists and bounce them on your sacrum, rhythmically.

Continue for a couple minutes as feels good. If you want to, try taking this time to visualize the old lining of the uterus easily releasing and flowing out, and new healthy blood flowing towards your uterus. This is the part of the massage that is the most important. It promotes blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, and helps them to be in the right place. The increased blood flow can improve the development of the follicles and a good uterine lining. Start this after your period ends, Mexican massage for pregnancy continue until a day or so before ovulation.

I would usually do this first thing in the morning, after I went pee, or before I feel asleep for the night. I would do this through my clothing, but you can also use oil and do this directly on you skin. Step One : Lie down, and put your hands on your womb. Bring your hands together with one thumb tucked under the other. Slightly bend your fingers to make a little cup or scoop. Find where your pubic bones meet in the middle and place your pointer fingers on the small indent of your pubic bones. Inhale, and then exhale as you gently and deeply as comfortable press into the soft tissue above the pubic bones, bringing your fingertips up towards your belly button.

Do this three times. Step Two : Move your fingers to the right side of your pelvic bowl and put the left little finger on the pubic bone and the right little finger on the hip bone. Keep your fingers together in a gentle cup. Inhale, and then as you exhale, come down off the bones and as deeply as comfortable press in and move your fingers towards your middle.

Step Three : Move your fingers to the left side of your pelvic bowl and put the right little finger on the pubic bone and the left little finger on the hip bone. Repeat steps one to three 9 more times, for a total of 10 cycles though the steps.

This means 30 strokes in each position, for a total of 90 strokes. I did this in about 5 minutes. I would probably be better if you did it slowly and luxuriously with candles, oil, etc. While you are doing this consider visualizing the energy and blood flowing to your uterus and your ovaries. Imagine a perfect womb with an ideal uterine lining preparing itself for pregnancy.

See beautiful healthy ovaries developing plenty of beautiful healthy follicles. As you get closer to ovulation imagine one beautiful perfect follicle emerging as the largest and receiving perfect amounts of energy from your body.

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This is a gentle, warming massage for the ovaries during ovulation. Lie on your back and gently place your hands over your ovaries with your fingers together. Gently massage the area over your ovaries in gentle small circles for one to two minutes. This should feel good and nurturing. No need to try to press deeply. You are simply stimulating energy and blood flow. Visualize your ovaries receiving everything they need. See them healthy and robust, with a gorgeous, plump, pink egg, ready to release. Be sure to spend time later in the day visualizing this perfect egg releasing and meeting a perfect sperm and creating a perfect embryo!

During the post-ovulation luteal phase you are hoping that the little perfect embryo is implanting in your uterus! Instead, we just take a moment to place our warm, loving hands over our womb. Lie on your back and place your hands over your womb. Take slow, deep, calming breaths I like to breath in for a count of 4, and breath out for a count of 8.

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Imagine love and warmth traveling from your hands to your womb. See your uterus as a Mexican massage for pregnancy, warm, jungle of nourishment for your perfect little embryo. See the perfect embryo being welcomed into the uterus and snuggling into your perfect uterine lining. Know that your womb is getting plenty of blood and energy from your body. Find an Arvigo Practitioner!

Want more ideas? Check out all my blog posts on Mind-Body work for fertility! I blog about how I did it and encourage my readers to take charge of their fertility journey and get happy, healthy, and pregnant! Hi Anna my husband and I just got married in January and have not been able to conceive. I personally found and arvigo massage lady named rosa in Monrovia California who has showed me the same things you have on your post. You guys give me hope thank u. Hi Loraine, I am excited the Mayan Massage worked for you and your husband.

We are trying to conceive as well but no luck. Would you kindly refer me the miracle worker. I live close to Monrovia. We are willing to try this and hope we have a baby soon. Like moving them up and down or away from off your sacrum and back onto like gentle pounding? Thanks for sharing these techniques! Lexie- good question! I mean like gentle pounding off and back. So if you are sitting up then your hands would move parallel to the floor.

Does that make sense? I need to make a video! Jo Ann, Girl, I know. I am so sorry.

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I totally took videos of me doing this and am such a bad tech person I literally have no idea how to put them together into a video. I need to figure this out!!!!! Thanks for the reminder! I truly believe with this. I got 4 miscarriages until I got my precious baby boy now he is almost 3 years old after my 4th lost I read about fertility massage which is also recommended of so many oldest from my place and I tried.

Now trying to conceive with the help of medical care but nothing. So maybe I will try again this procedure and I hope there will be a good soon. Hello Anna!

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I love Mexican massage for pregnancy you shared this, I recently had an early miscarriage and my husband and I are so eager to get pregnant. Any help is greatly appreciated. Hi Nellie! My goodness, this is not normal!! Maybe its worth checking in with your doctor just to see if you have fibroids or something? I would like to get the information of the person you went to.

I live in Maine as well! Hi I had the mirena iud for 5. I am now having issues with adhessions and my uterus not distending completely. I also started castor oil packs. Is every massage added with each phase? Or as soon as you enter a new phase stop doing the massages?

From my understanding you only do one per each phase. Most important is not to do the massage after ovulation! Thank you Anna for your post. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a couple of years. Can you give me the details of your practioner so that I can make contact. Find out how I transformed my life and got pregnant in less than 3 months after 2 years of infertility and miscarriages! Totally free! Home Start Here!

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Share the love! Table of Contents. Comments Hi Anna my husband and I just got married in January and have not been able to conceive. Sending baby dust your way my dear!! She is in Portland now, Hannah Nuemann. She was great! Baby dust! Reader Favorites. Disclaimer: The information on tomakeamommy.

Mexican massage for pregnancy

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