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Thanksgiving can feel like a rather loaded holiday, particularly if you are a part of or are empathetic to the Native American community. The revisionist retelling of what went on between American Indians and the Pilgrims who contributed to the ongoing occupation and genocide of the former can just leave a nasty taste in your mouth. Instead of accepting the American jingoist version of the holiday, many people have chosen to simply adopt the idea of expressing gratitude and convening with loved ones over food.

Here are some native American charities to contribute to. It may be all the tryptophan from the turkey or being around friends and family, but the holiday seems to trigger a need to give to more Native american charity organizations groups and there are fewer more vulnerable groups than indigenous people around the world.

Indigenous communities are essential to combating climate change and when we allow those communities to be destroyed, we allow our planet to be destroyed. The organization provides support by using programs and resources to address short-term and long-term community concerns like unemployment and housing. Donate now. In the s, during the Hopi-Navajo land dispute that displaced 10, Navajas, elders faced particularly severe hardships including a lack of food.

Linda Myers and Grace Smith Yellowhammer started this organization by doing food runs for those elders. Like many organizations, NAHA is committed to combating the pervasive hunger that has riddled indigenous communities for decades, along with basic necessities.

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The college fund provides Native Americans with the resources necessary to take up space in higher education and is the largest of its kind in the U. NARF provides legal resources to tribes and American Indians who cannot afford adequate representation. Sincethe organization has defended and won major cases to support tribal sovereignty, treaty rights, natural resource protection, education, and more on behalf of American Indians.

ITK provides research, advocacy and public outreach to protect and advance the rights of Inuit in Canada. This includes a comprehensive program including plans to combat climate change, an Inuit language journal, a National Inuit Youth Counsel, food-based initiatives, and suicide prevention efforts.

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The organization addresses illiteracy in remote indigenous communities in Australia by providing books, literacy programs, and community literacy projects. Amazon Watch not only seeks to preserve the rainforest but it also serves to advance the rights and interests of indigenous communities in the Amazon Basin.

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Amazon Watch argues there is no protecting the Amazon without protecting the people who have called it home for centuries. The project partners with these communities, along with environmental organizations to continue to fight for human rights, corporate ability, and to reduce the harmful effects of climate change. Much like Amazon Watch, Amazon Frontlines believes that the destruction of the Amazon is intrinsically linked to the destruction of indigenous communities. However, a renewed interest in climate change and preventing the Amazon fires has allowed the organization to extend support to communities in Bolivia, Paraguay, and Brazil.

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