One month dating anniversary gift

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TheGiftYak curates unique gifts and is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission. Learn more. Newish relationship? We have 19 cute first month anniversary gift ideas to cover you! From DIY anniversary gifts to long distance gifts, pick a unique gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Relaxing Spa Gift Box This gift box comes with everything your partner needs to relax in the tub after a long day.

Bath bombs, scented soaps, body butter, and even an engraved tumbler -- perfect for a cold or hot!

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They'll smell good, feel good, and be ready to take on the world after their rejuvenating spa day! Chocolate Cookies Gift Basket Sweets are the ultimate way into your sweetie's heart -- and these gourmet cookies taste divine. Not only are they delicious, they are also beautifully hand-decorated to be a feast for your eyes as well as your mouth. With an assortment of twelve flavors in every golden box it's going to be hard to pick a favorite.

Send this as a long distance gift! Essential Oil Leather Diffuser Bracelet This gift is part jewelry, part perfume, and part aromatherapy. If your partner is a fan of essential oils, then a stylish diffuser bracelet is the perfect gift for them. They'll be surrounded by their favorite smells all day long and think of you with every breath they take.

You would be hard pressed to find a more thoughtful gift. Golf Pens with Golf Bag Holder The hardworking golf enthusiast in your life may not know they need this, but they definitely do. Bring the relaxation and fun of the green to any office or workspace with a golf bag pen holder. It even comes with an assortment of golf club shaped pens!

Warning: we can't guarantee they won't start a round of golf with their office supplies! Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Hydrate and get a daily dose of vitamins at the same time with a fruit infuser water bottle.

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It can be expensive to buy fruit flavored water at the store, and the quality can't compare to the real thing. This bottle makes it easy to stay hydrated in the most delicious way possible. And the leak proof de makes it easy to take anywhere! Colored pencils, water colors, oil pastels -- it's all here and ready to make that creative vision come to life on the !

The box also doubles as a travel kit, so they can create on the go, wherever inspiration strikes. The complex shapes of metal machinery will really get your partner's gears turning as they construct this 3D puzzle. It comes with everything you need to assemble, detailed instructions, and is an intricate statement piece to add to any room. Beef Jerky Snack Box the jerky revolution and add a collection of smoked meat for the discerning meat eater.

There are several flavor options to choose from and a theme for every box! Get 4 or more individually wrapped packages in every order. Truly a perfect gift for any carnivore or snack enthusiast.

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Herb Garden DIY Growing Kit It's okay if your partner doesn't exactly have a green thumb -- growing kit makes it easy and fun to care for a plant. The best part is the fresh, delicious ingredient you have to add to your favorite household recipe. Everything you need to start an herb garden all in one convenient package. No need to take a trip to the gardening center!

Perfect DIY anniversary gift. The Ultimate Game for Couples Mix up date night on your own, or on a double date! Whether it's a prompt to talk on a more deep and personal level, or a silly dare or question, you're sure to have a blast with this addition to your game collection. There's so many cards, play again and again for a different experience each time!

Unique Bamboo Cheese Board Whether your a fan of entertaining guests or just a whiz in the kitchen, you can't go wrong with a stylish way to show off your cuisine. Make cheese and crackers an experience. Company will be feasting with their eyes and their mouths. And even if you're just planning a romantic meal for two, remember that presentation is key! Not only do these bracelets look great, they're also an essential oil diffuser. Special deed to help relieve anxiety and stress no matter where you go.

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Smell good, look good, and eat your heart out Johnny Depp. Get more hand-holding in thanks to this backpack. Gone are the days of juggling a blanket, wine, and delicious treats. Store everything in one easy to access bag built for organization and comfort.

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Back and Neck Massager Massage chairs are pretty expensive, so get the best part of the massage without the crazy price tag. It's shaped like a neck pillow and perfect for working out tensions and knots in the neck and back. But why stop there? Take advantage for any sore spots including your legs and waist.

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Handmade Natural Wooden Bookmarks Many The book worm or bibliophile One month dating anniversary gift your life will thank you for this one. It can be hard to pick out that perfect book, or even just one they haven't read yet! Show your bookish side with a set of beautiful, carved wood bookmarks. They'll keep their and keep you in their thoughts at the same time. Gourmet Hot Sauce Set How hot is too hot?

Let's find out! You can really spice things up with this gourmet hot sauce and give some kick to your next dinner date. Chili peppers and black truffles come together for a flavor explosion guaranteed to set your hottie's mouth, and heart, on fire. Nothing takes the edge off a long day like soaking in a hot bath and filling your nose with a bevy of wonderful smells. Bath time will be filled with fun bubbles, and she'll be ready to curl up in bed with touchably soft skin after lotioning up.

But this leather bound journal is manly, sophisticated, and perfect for whatever written expressions are eager to flow forth from his pen! Even if it's just shower thoughts and finance, he'll feel like a poet every time he opens the binding. Rose Flowers Bear for 1 Month Anniversary Roses and teddy bears are the hallmark of any great anniversary or Valentine's gift.

Why not get her both? A faux bouquet that will last a lifetime in the shape of a loveable ursine companion -- what's not to love here? It's bright, beautiful, and oh so cuddly. Everything a woman could want.

One month dating anniversary gift

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What Is an Appropriate Gift After Dating One Month?