Pak hot women

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This my list of top ten red hot women of Pakistan.

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Her sixes were louder and farther than the King Shane Watson himself. Mathira Muhammad is the quintessential item girl of Pakistani media.

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Her Zimbabwean upbringing, unique accent and in-your-face attitude just kills the misogynists in Pakistan. But she looks damn fiiine! Their very public spat really lifted them up in the whacky celebrity niche. Amir Khan bagging a reality show in the process. Check her out for yourself and decide.

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I give Veena Malik full marks for staying in the lime light like she belongs there. From her spat with bowler Asif, to her racy photo shoots in India followed by blasphemy allegations and then finally her full hijabi season, were all good entertainment. I all honesty, she is funny, and good looking too.

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The dame belongs to Rawalpindi and can really amuse you with her antics. Saima Khan or Atiya Khanum is the ultimate stage performer of Pakistan. Trained as a lady constable at Sihala academy, this 5ft 8inch dancer sure knows how to make an arrest and lose keys. Strongly built like a multani mutyaran, this dame has also survived an assassination attempt. In case I forget, she was banned for six months for her raunchy s, which were too hot to handle. There is something about the narrow streets of Queens that brings out the woman from girls.

This lady has the look, figure Pak hot women vocals to make it big in the desi category. Although I have never heard her music, but I guess she must be good, judging from her looks. Her intense look could cut through steel. I would rate her very high in the bomb shell list as she made her own place in Bollywood in hostile times between the two countries.

Even in Pakistan she took up the most controversial, provoking and demonic roles possible. Hina Rabbani Khar was our Foreign Minister once. The Indian media reported extensively on her fashion and appearance, including her Birkin bag, sunglasses, Jimmy Choo stilettos and pearl necklaces, thanks to her feudal background.

Hareem Farooqthe Islamabad born actress, producer and media personality has beauty as well as brains. Her interviews reflect a pretty lady with a professional mindset. She talks of Pakistani movie scenes like she wants to own it. Her looks are stunning to say the least, especially since she lost 30 lbs. Our Sports broadcaster Fazeela Saba is pretty easy on the eyes.

Good Job — I like!

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Now, some trivia about these sex symbols of Pakistan, that are, in my opinion, the hottest women in the world — more hotter than chilli peppers. These pakistani women do not have to bare themselves, wear swimsuits, tight yoga pants, bikinis, short pants or be plastic like the made up hot women of Fox News.

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Pak hot women

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