Poodle mix breeders in michigan

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I may be keeping a few 1st generation Schnoodle puppies to breed 2nd generation puppies like I did years ago. This will most likely be Schnoodle to poodle.

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All puppies are raised in our home with lot's of love and care. All my dogs are family members first before anything else. All puppies are sold as companions only. I do not sell to breeders. I do not ship puppies.

You are welcome to fly to Michigan, pick up your puppy, and fly back home. I don't sell to people without meeting them in person. I welcome phone calls, s, text messages, etc.

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This way we can get to know each other. I love to stay connected with every family that buys a puppy from me. Remember, I loved your puppy before you even got to hold him, so please remember me as you raise and love your puppy. I am easy going, easy to work with, and I am here for you anytime you have a question. My life is good, and I am blessed with many wonderful family members that support me and what I am doing. Remember in your search for a puppy that there are many, many dogs in shelters and rescues that need a loving home.

Some are in high-kill shelters. Maybe their humans didn't have time for them. Or didn't know what they were getting into before they got a dog.

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Please consider saving one of these dogs before you buy from me or any other breeder. You can check petfinder and your local shelter.

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NOTE: Visits are by appointment only! You must make arrangements with me ahead of time. Thank you. A schnoodle puppy can take on the coat characteristics of either breed, such as developing the rough, coarse, wiry hair of the Schnauzer, the softer hair of the Poodle, or any intermediary coat. The beard will also be more noticeable poodles also have a beard but it is usually shaved off. Schnoodle colors include black, white, brown, grey, and apricot. Schnoodles have become more popular as individuals are looking for companion animals that are hypoallergenic and easily trainable.

Because both poodles and schnauzers are hypoallergenic, schnoodles tend to have a hypoallergenic coat. Their coats may require weekly brushing and combing evey week. I only breed 1st generation schnoodles a pure-breed poodle with a pure-breed schnauzer. My schnoodles are typically lbs. Depending on the mom, some puppies may be in the lb. Miniature schnoodles typically weigh lbs.

A bit about us Sweet little Schnoodles of Michigan. My name is Jan, and I am a small home-based hobby breeder in Montague, Michigan. I breed 1st generation schnoodle puppies, including merle color schnoodles for a beautiful one-of-a-kind puppy.

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Hair cuts every 6 weeks depending on the coat type. View fullsize. Adoption Process.

Poodle mix breeders in michigan

email: [email protected] - phone:(135) 808-6916 x 3138

Poodles for Sale in Michigan