Reality dating show on an island

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Love Island has achieved the perfect blend of creating ways to engage audiences across multiple platforms and leading its audience towards largely friendly and vibrant online fan communities. But few programmes have been able to drum up the same level of excitement as Love Islandwhich returned this week after an month break. With viewing figures usually in the millionsLove Island, in particular, has become ubiquitous in British pop culture since its arrival in But beyond the apparent appeal of watching people go through the up and downs of finding love, what is the enduring attraction of this genre of reality TV?

The gimmicks of shows like Love is Blind and the upcoming Netflix dating show Sexy Beastsin which participants wear animal prosthetics to mask their true appearance may certainly explain why viewers tune in. But dating competitions like Love Island remain immensely popular despite introducing relatively little change in format from one year to the next.

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But there are different views within academic research on this particular appeal of reality. Some have argued that the more viewers perceive a show to be authentic, the more their enjoyment increases and vice versa. Others, however, propose that authenticity has become less important for viewers who are increasingly savvy to the fact that many reality TV shows are engineered to provoke dramatic moments.

Instead, audiences are said to deliberately suspend disbelief to indulge in their favourite shows, accepting that realism is a fluid and ambiguous concept. Indeed, scholars have argued that audiences enjoy trying to distinguish the real from the false in reality TV. This may explain the popularity of shows such as Keeping up with the Kardashians and others billed as reality TV despite widespread acknowledgement that scenes are scripted and key events choreographed.

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Audience engagement is a critical part of why these shows have remained so popular in the past two decades. Ever since the introduction of Big Brother and Pop Idol in the early 21st century, reality TV has offered viewers a chance to be part of the story. For the first time, audiences moved beyond passive viewers watching content unfold and became active participants, shaping outcomes and voting on the success and failure of contestants.

In this sense, audiences were no longer just consumers but recast in a dual role of viewer-producer in a new participatory relationship.

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However, audience engagement and participation are only part of the story. In fact, my research has found that for shows as popular as Love Island, social media is the key to success.

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Perhaps more importantly, social media allows audiences to watch and engage with shows together, as the show is aired. In the past few years, fans of Love Island have congregated online every summer, creating a vibrant fan community mediated largely via Twitter and Instagram. They provide real-time commentary on the show, creating memes and gifs, predicting outcomes, and generally sharing their thoughts.

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Though this form of multi-platform consumption is now common practice for many TV shows, for Love Island viewers, consuming the show across many platforms has become not only normalised but also a central part of their enjoyment. However, it should be noted that alongside this positivity comes some negativity. For some viewers, part of the attraction of consuming the show online with others is the opportunity for trolling.

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Reality dating show on an island

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