Savage black powder

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For more information, please visit our web site at: www. For best accuracy during hot days or if the barrel is getting warmer, reduce the powder charge in V2 grain increments. Recent improvements in sabot des and polymer compositions, however, have resulted in suitable sabots from several other sources as well.

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Best accuracy is achieved when the same amount of seating pressure is used on the ramrod for each and every shot. Lo should be checked by weight carefully on an accurate smokeless powder scale.

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Never use a black powder volumetric measure with smokeless powder. If using "LEE" dippers follow instructions for filling and leveling charge and periodic checking on a scale. The velocities noted are the result of over a thousand chronographed rounds which were shot at temperatures from the mid 80 degree range down into the 20 degree range. The average velocity during warm weather will be slower than those recorded during the cooler temperatures. NOTE: The use of more than one type of powder in a load or any additional material between the powder and sabot i.

NOTE: Use smokeless powder lo with saboted bullets only. When loading and shooting bore-sized lead conical bulletsSavage Arms, Inc. Maximum recommended charge is grains.

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Shooting during extremely hot days will require reduction of powder charges for best accuracy. Heat softens the sabot and can cause a "blow-by" condition, which reduces velocity and accuracy. NOTE: Using Triple Seven8 - due to the nature of the heavy fouling left behind, the breech plug should be loosened and tightened after the first shot and then the fifth shot.

Cleaning should be performed the same day after use. NOTE: Sabot and bullet combination deed for use with black power may not perform satisfactory with smokeless powder.

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Plastic vials for powder charges Vent liner pick 0. Proper prescribed lo includes specific powder charge, bullets, primer and sabots. Patch worm to pull lost patches. Powder measure for smokeless powder. Cleaning rod with swab or mop. Spare vent liner. Spare breech plug. Continue reading here: Muzzleloader Parts. Ultimate Firearms Training Guide. Combat Fighter System.

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Spec Ops Shooting. Shipping Container Home Made Easy. Build a Container Home. Recommended Ultimate Firearms Training Guide. Responses ranugad Can imp be used in a savage ml smokeless? JODI Do they still sale savage ml10 smokless muzzleloader? Bruna Udinese What calaber is my savage smokless muzzel loader?

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Ausilio What to carry powder load in for savage muzzleloader? GIADA What powder and measurement of powder is recommended in a smokeless and sabot lkess muzzleloader? Kathryn Mullen What is the best load for the 10ml savage using the powder? Carita What dead center bullet is recommended for savageM10II with smokeless powder?

Savage black powder

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