What do you call the guy you re dating

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Just a guy- At this moment- you don't know what you are- you made out a couple of times, but he hasn't asked you out but there is in obvious attraction there. You hope for more but don't want to let others know this, so you just casually tell people it's a random fella you bumped into at a party.

Nickname guy- Whatever you can cling to from the few times you've talked or met- is what he is forever known as- stubble guy, pizza man or gym dude- you take the theme to a new level. You don't want people to overhear you referring to him by his name- that would be awkward- they might relay back to him what you said.

By his actual name- If you bump into a friend- you desperately think of what to categorise your relationship as- but instead you settle for his birth name as it requires no explanation. You could just be two friends of the opposite sex hanging out. The guy that I'm seeing- But you're not sure if it's romantically or casually- but you're not lying- you do see him- often.

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The man who sleeps at my house four nights a week- You have an active sex life and you practically live together- but you still don't know if it's just sleeping together or if it's more so you don't want to ruin things by asking. My plus one- You have parties to go to weddings to attend- so you invite him along as your plus one because it's a label you're comfortable with- however you know once you get there people are going to start asking questions.

You'll have to worry about that later.

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The guy that I'm dating- You are dating- there is no other word for it- but you don't want it to sound to hot and heavy so you use the term loosely so people don't start asking questions like 'so when are you moving in together? My boyfriend- Finally you are ok saying this word in public without it weirding you out and you gush about him at every possible opportunity and things start to snowball from there- like meeting the parents. Cutesy names- To the annoyance of all your friends- you like to call each other sickening names like gummy bear and snuggle bum.

He who was 'just a guy' is now a permanent fixture in your life. Toggle .

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What do you call the person you’re only sort-of dating?