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Search titles only. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Help Support Dimensions Magazine:. ed Jun 30, Messages Location. Hello Everyone, I've had the Internet for 11 years now, and I meet plenty of people from offline. The ones that actually want to take us out in the daylight hours, and not at midnight when they think everyone is sleeping. Just someone that wants us for more than sex. Now, I mean no disrespect to anyone because, I know that this is the board where people who particpate in the lifestyle of feeding, or being fed, but that isn't a lifestyle I participate in.

I just want someone that will appreciate what I have to offer as I am now. Tina Older and wiser now. ed Sep 29, Messages 15, Location. Mine is in Montreal. Other than that, if you live in a town where there are no activities for BBW and FA, it's not so obvious, unfortunately.

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I live in NYC, and there's always events going on. However I rarely attend because the times, I have Inoticed that the smaller BBWs and med weight women were getting all the attention. ed Oct 4, Messages 3, Location.

Moonchild Seniory McMember.

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ed Oct 2, Messages Location. FA's are just a nice little subsection of men, and therefore the ratio of assholes to non-assholes will usually be approximately tipped in the same direction - in favor of assholes.

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Most of us are gonna be just as shallow and selfish as anyone else. However, we're out there. The good ones, I mean. It sucks, but patience is the name of the game. Keep truckin' is the best advice I've got. ed Oct 1, Messages 6, Location. ed Feb 20, Messages 1, Location. While I'm not someone who goes out and explicity tells people, "I like fat girls" or "I'm an FA," mainly I don't really like titles in practice- attraction shouldn't be confined to titles It's like the parents who can't accept that their child is homosexual and can't be happy for them even if they've found someone they love and care about who happens to be the same gender- it's the same kind of disrespect that I cannot and will not tolerate!

ed Sep 30, Messages Location .

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The Obstreperous Ms. J Omniscient Minority. ed May 9, Messages 1, Location. Too few and far between, but they are out there and I have to agree that its not about finding a man who loves you just for your size or despite it, its about finding a true partner, friend and lover. It starts with a sense of self worth, respect and it's a little bit of luck as well. ed Jan 9, Messages Location. ed Mar 29, Messages 1, Location. Not to discount your experience, but I have always found that the supersize women get all the attention at those events.

Maybe the grass is always green Where are the ssbbws, or maybe the events vary in different parts of the country. ed Sep 29, Messages Location. I can't seem to find a real life ssbbw and when I find them online they either seem to just want to chat and have on online friend but nothing real life or I am to far away from them to be interested or have things going on in their lives that preclude a real life relationship.

I live in a small town thats not near any big city and have even tried a Yahell group to try and get local FA's and BBW's to meet but it went nowhere. J said:. I have had the same problem as you have in the past,Sensual. I only found my good man when I stopped seeking men that wanted a girl my size but one that matched my personality yet seen my size as a bonus. In fact he had been there all along as he found me 2 years ago but I was to busy trying to find someone to accept my size and not ME, to even notice him. I thank God everyday for opening my eyes.

I never noticed bbws getting more attention I guess maybe I was to busy flirting. Jes is oddly aroused. ed Oct 3, Messages 12, Location. ed Sep 29, Messages 2, Location .

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Since the whole brouhaha about men preferring "mid-size" bbws awhile back, I have been working on accepting that I will never have a boyfriend let alone a husband. I live in a very rural area far from anywhere the nearest city of size is about six hours away which adds another con to my dating prospects. It's a hard pill to swallow I am generally pretty happy, but I would love to someday get married. It makes me sad.

Chimpi into the shining sun. ed Feb 5, Messages 2, Location. I have never been to any of the Bashes at all something that will have to chance somedaybut as far as I have heard from other people, usually the larger women get more attention, due to being the "desirable" large women over the smaller ones.

I'm not sure though, obviously because I've never been But I got mine laying on the bed behind me. I take no notice of anything negative at all outside our apartment, and I am not ashamed to go anywhere with her, and hold her hand, open doors, laugh and joke with her, etc Afterall, that will make YOU happier, on Where are the ssbbws outside, and deep down inside. ed Apr 20, Messages 3, Location. You must log in or register to reply here. Latest posts. Daily Living. Latest: Orchid Today at PM. Recent Additions. What can you say during sex Latest: op user Today at PM.

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