Writing love letters to him

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Write the BEST love letters for your husband with these tips from an experienced writer! And then when my husband ed the Navy before we were marriedI would write him love letters while he was on deployments.

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Try to avoid using cliches about love, and if you want to say something that could be a cliche, put it into your own words. Here are some other common cliches about love that you should avoid in the love letters for your husband:. A love letter to my husband would not be complete without listing some of the reasons WHY I love him.

But think beyond generic reasons that could apply to any relationship. Your love letters to your husband will seem more genuine and less like something you stole from a Hallmark card if you use specific details of WHY you love your husband, and try to include examples that apply only to him. When writing love letters for your husband, try to interject some humor. Mix up your adjectives, or think of other ways to say things that are similar. You are a great father. You are a great man. Love letters for your husband should highlight things that you think he does well, like special skill sets or talents.

But again, details are key! Highlighting his specific strengths in a light-hearted and personalized way will make the love letters for your husband feel more Writing love letters to him. And I think the stranger, the better! Most people like chocolate chip cookies and going to the movies, but go deeper than that and think about your shared interests that are more unique. Well, that can be a strength in your relationship. For instance, my husband is an extrovert but I am an introvert.

So at parties, he can carry the conversations for both of us when all I want to do is hide behind him. Think about what contrasting but complimentary qualities you and your husband have and include those in your love letters for him. Your husband loves you at your best AND at your worst, and that unconditional love should be celebrated in your love letters.

Show vulnerability and point out your own flaws, thanking your husband for loving you through it all.

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If that is important to you also, then you can use your love letters for your husband to say something like this, changing the details to accentuate the masculine qualities that he has:. And I love that you can fix our leaky hot water heater and build the most beautiful coffee table from scratch. Love can be difficult, and most couples go through hardships. But conquering those challenges together can make your marriage stronger. Here are some other ideas for how to express love to your husband:.

Or, you could even just send him a picture of the two of you, like this one that I sent my husband recently… a picture taken on our wedding day 15 years ago that perfectly sums up our relationship:. Check out this post for 31 great funny, romantic, and flirty text messages to send your husband! You can drop a simple love note in his lunch box or his gym bag or leave a post it note on his steering wheel so he gets it when he leaves for work in the morning.

I hope this post makes writing love letters for your husband a little less intimidating. Do you write love letters? Or do you show expressions of love in a different way?

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Writing love letters to him

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