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We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and. LoveHabibi has a consumer rating of 1. LoveHabibi ranks nd among Dating sites. I contacted over 80 girls and no reply, I had a really an excellent profile and some of the picture of girls are listed on other sites with different names and profiles, this site is bogus, you will not meet anyone you chose to contact! Be warned it all false or fake whatever you want to call it.

They accused me of not being my race then deleted me. They have lots of fake profiles but yet they listen to jealous men, not sure if anyone even actually reported! Bad useless, I lost my profile, I tried every thing my and passport, I been 6 days with their Webb site. Then they want me to pay again. I caution and warn ANY Women to stay off this site! Male members are allowed and encouraged to abuse women and staff will do nothing but laugh in your face! Your reports are nothing to them! The report feature is a joke! They don't care if a member comes on your profile and hurls filth at you.

Mind you, on my I have stated I would like to only have contact from men in my location, which is America. This entitled piece of trash came on my calling me "ugly" for not posting my photo and mocking me for being 32 and single, when HE himself is also 32 and single! He bragged that his sisters were all married by age 24! What's also hypocritical is that Www love habibi com his he called himself a young man!

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So 32 is young for a male but old for a female? Even though Physicians have stated that 32 and up is young! Also, get this! His age preference goes up to 40, but he shames women younger than 40?! Do you see how pathetic and miserable these males are?!

These are the same males lusting after 40 yr old Beyonce And Kim Kardashian and all these sexy women in their late 20ss on Instagram but want to shame a woman who is serious about marriage. So he is single shaming a single woman for having standards. Because I only want contact from American men that warrants this abuse?! But this abuser was on a mission to attack and try to hurt women! He even tried reporting me when he was the one who came to me hurling abusive language! If this was on any social media platform, swift action would be taken! I took screenshots of this abuser's Www love habibi com and the disgusting response I got from the catty unprofessional staff.

This troll is allowed to go around age shaming women for fun with impunity! Trolls love to age shame women in hopes that they can "break" a woman enough to like them! This is a known tactic! It's what abusers do!

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Ladies, know that males can come on your from random countries and talk trash to you! The moderators are a joke, they won't do anything. Oh ya, not like this matters but I dont post my pics on that site because I need to know a guy is genuine before giving him my personal info, I get a lot of perverts and disingenuous men on my social media s so I figured to be very cautious! But I shouldn't even have to mention this because this troll is a despicable piece Www love habibi com trash!

I pray God deals with him and the careless staff that don't care women are being bullied online for having the audacity to find love. This is exactly why women would rather stay happily single and beautiful than to stress about what weirdo is sending inappropriate comments to her. My sisters, please stay off that site. The trash of society lurks there.

After ing and paying for the Love Habibi dating site, I followed all their guidelines, a critical issue on this platform is real people with fake profiles who are paid to be verified by scammers and then waste everyone's time. I had issues where LoveHabibi staff begun targetting me and harrasing me about my profile without explaining, they kept sending me warnings without any explanations, I enquired in the most politest way, but they were always responding rudely and threatend to block me.

I requested an explanation but they ignored my enquiries and cancelled my subscription and they kept my money. The site staff have some serious HR issues and there seem to be no peer check from any supervisors over the unprofessionalism staff members exercise when engaging with subscribers. Do not waste your money and time on this site! Tip for consumers: Don't or pay, don't waste your time. I ed up for this site and ed my photos. When I tried to back into myit wouldn't let me.

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In fact it stated my wasn't attached to any. When I reached out to their customer service, they never responded. I'm worried my pics are out there without me in control of them. I Www love habibi com all profiles are fake and I hope no need to pay to them since they don't allow people to contact each other. For all members whom found it to be useless I prefer you me Love habibi creates fake profiles to bolster its s.

It also recycles profiles in the search function to make you think that there are new members, when there are none. I cant believe I once paid to use this site. This site is toxic and the males on there are extremely evil and inadequate.

She doesn't post her pics because she gets perverts lusting after her and things of that nature. She decided to give this "Architect" from San Diego a chance to know her. He came off as rude and hostile but she thought it might be miscommunication. He told her his name was "Luis" and he was studying Nano engineering but his profile says architect. After she gave him her wattsapp and he was taken aback by her beauty, he began to neg her!

Mind you, my friend is gorgeous! And she is not thin nor remotely fat!

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She has curves in the right places. Not that this matters at all but as you will see in the attached screenshots she took of his bullying, you will see how he is! So on Wattsapp, this "Luis" had a photo of himself in a Christmas hat which is odd for a guy who claims he was Muslim! He first asked my friend for another photo of her "full body" which is disrespectful! She told him that she can appear on cam and he declined, saying "later" when he is off "work".

But this guy wants full body shots now? She told him a photo of her waist up was good enough! And then he started to say that fat girls are deceptive since they take photos at angles! Which is so dumb and wrong, no fat woman can angle herself to look thin in the face! And also, nobody takes photos straight on except mugshots! Also, if you don't want fat girls you should of clarified that in your profile!

She isn't at all fat but do you see how he tried to neg her based on his own insecurities?

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He bragged that he had nothing to hide and that he had full body shots which is a lie! His photos were never full body shots! Most of his photos were of him lying down and neck up! My friend did notice his shoulders were very small for a guy who is 6'0"! His proportions compared to fixtures in the bathroom were quite small. He didn't appear to be 6'0" but she wanted to be nice to the jerk even though he was cruel to her!

He finally revealed in text that he was actually 5'3" not 6'0"! He lied about a whole foot! I told this to my coworkers and they all went OFF! A guy that lies on his height will lie about anything! My friend was devastated! She has had horrible experiences in her life and to have this unfortunate looking inadequate loser try and hurt her was disgusting! Truthfully don't even think the guy is Muslim! I have heard of Muslim women on other sites tricked by non Muslim guys claiming to be Muslim! Which is sick! There is a special place in hell for people who hurt women!

Www love habibi com

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